Custom Foam Case Interiors

Case plus equipment equals custom foam insert

Buy a Star Case - - - Share with us your array of equipment - - - Enjoy Organization !!

1. Select your Case

We offer numerous case types; lightweight, heavy-duty ATA fabricated hard cases, injection and rotationally molded cases of all descriptions;
  • Rackmount cases
  • HDTV cases
  • Sample cases
  • Individual component cases
  • Multiple component cases
  • Laptop/notebook/tablet cases
  • Foam lined or fillled utility cases
  • Custom interior cases
- you name it, Star Case has it!

2. Send us your Drawings or Components

We begin the design process by outlining all components going into your case. Special attention is devoted to device balance within the case as well as device fragility and need for isolation. We work with mulitple types and densities of polyester as well as polyethylene foam to provide the best protection. When possible, we prefer our customers to send their equipment to us prior to producing the case interior. This serves to eliminate errors and further guarantees a perfect component fit.

3. You indicate your preferred component layout

Once your preferred layout has been established and you've approved design layout drawings, we proceed generating highly accurate CAD drawings from which your foam interior is cut. These drawings will also indicate all engineering details required to manufacture and cut the foam. Your Star Case design representative will send you the drawings for preliminary approval to proceed. If multiple cases and/or interiors are purchased, a prototype will be provided.

4. Production

Once the foam design is approved we proceed to production. Depending on quantity, your foam interior might be die cut, laser cut, waterjet cut or hot wire cut. These varying technologies for sculpture cutting foam will be used depending on turnaround time required, quantity of foam packs needed, final negotiated cost or grade and density of foam specified.

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